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 I help business owners, architects, lawyers, managers ... to enhance their organizational skills to be more efficient




WHAT I DO : I help my customers since more than 15 years to rethink and improve the way they organize themselves and their teams. Internal communication and work live balance are also addressed. This leads to efficiency and focus; team member responsibility and motivation increase.
WHO I WORK WITH : I work with business owners, architects, lawyers, ... that need to optimize their organization skills to face growing workload and responsibilities.
WHY IT WORKS : I was chaotic, worked over 12 hours a day and couldn't delegate. I learned the hard way to implement efficient organization and management. The tools and methods used are all simple, guaranteeing easy and lasting implementation.


WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT : My approach is pragmatic and hands on. No time to loose with audits and large written reports. I understand your situation as I have been through it myself.


HOW IT WORKS : We meet in your office at your desk for a clear insight. Immediately we determine what tool gives you the most added value and implement it concretely. We define your personal challenge and how I will follow you up to help you achieving it.


READY TO TALK ? Reach out to me via e-mail ,  call me directly at + 352 621 506 174 or via LinkedIn




Optimizing my personal organization!

A simple efficient personal organization and  work method allow to act with more serenity and to save precious time


I know what is important ! .

Focus on things that matter and we progress and attain our job objectives



I manage instead of being tossed around !

When we master our organization and know where to direct focus, we manage incidents instead of being managed by them



Everything under control

Set up a system assuring you to forget nothing, to work on your tasks on the right moment and to follow up your team membres  accordingly.

Work life balance !

Achieving high level results in the long run needs smooth balance of your professional, family and private life.

I am able to say "no" !

When we have a clear vision of our objectives we can restrain external time-eater quite simply and  diplomatically


Work in serenity and open the doors of success

Guido Gennen

Coach et consultant

+352 621 506 174